Pilot Owned Stations

Public Squad Private
Aman Gate  
 Caravanserai (Refuel)Public
 Paseljas Hangar+RefineryPublic
Aman Hook  
 Brexit - Cunty BarnierPublic
 Monkey Wrench r/r/rPublic
Amananth Station  
 Blakeys7 RefugePublic
 Burglar Missile FFPublic
 Defluxing centerSquad
 FC Aman stationPrivate
 Orka's OceanPublic
 Swarm Destruction HQSquad
Arkan's Cloud  
 Arties ParadisePublic
 KG - Kraken Guard HQSquad
 Rack-Boy's StationPrivate
 THV Outpost Station BetaSquad
Canis 9502  
Dark Gateway  
 ARTY´s Best PricesPublic
 Flying Circus (RRR)Public
 Last Stillness(missile)Public
 Scumbags and RapaljePrivate
 Steel-Vipers HQPrivate
 Stoneys Stash HousePublic
Diluted Reaches  
 Gateway InnPublic
 MadamRed's BordelloPublic
 SpaceTruckerz HQSquad
Ekoo's Stop  
 < Fuck You Club I >Private
 All you can eatPublic
 Steel-Vipers CobraPrivate
Far Gate  
 -=HSA=- HQ (F,A,R)Public
Four Fingers  
 Cheese FactoryPrivate
 Flux Harvesters RefineryPublic
Great Barrier Station  
 IND Cloud StoragePublic
Great Venure Belt  
 Crack Pot OnePrivate
 PIRATE Q-baseSquad
 QSSP Border StationSquad
Hirbel's Channel  
 Warehouse 13Squad
Hook of Roh  
 Commodity Exchange MrTPublic
 Defluxing centre HoRSquad
 Grim ReefersSquad
 In Russia Dog Walks YouPrivate
 OldGuy's ArtifactsPublic
Hyperial Station  
 DSRG-r-HY's StationPublic
 Fa'hil MemtaPrivate
 P54T2P4 OutpostPublic
Imperial Causeway  
 Angry Angels HQSquad
Inner Roh-Cloud  
 EL DepotPrivate
 Echo BasisPublic
 FF+Raks LibanonPrivate
 Sponsored by DreventPublic
Klatsches Hold  
 --==Pie Rat's Refuge==--Private
 IECS Market Burglar ArtiPublic
Last Parsec  
 Lost Ones Extraction..Private
 Rum and HookersPrivate
 no hookers, no beerPrivate
Lesser Arm  
 Pirates NestSquad
Light Gateway  
 Hopestead Station - PRIPublic
Lothar's Landing  
 NetDevil MemorialPublic
Midpoint Rift  
 Midpoint Rift StationPublic
Morain Harbour  
 Hookers And BeerPublic
Octavian Shore  
 Sunnis Inn Arte and MorePublic
Octavius - Core Station  
 Artefact BasarPublic
 Dzugerou's StationPublic
 Independence HangarSquad
 OC Commodities!Public
Octavius - Great Pillars  
 Aristio Explosivs-CenterPublic
Octavius - Outpost Station  
 DSRG-r-OP's StationSquad
 Gore FoundationPublic
 Tigers HeadquaterPrivate
Omni V  
 Mining StationPrivate
 QSSP Omni V StationSquad
Orus' Tail  
 RWL StationPrivate
Outer Roh-Cloud  
 Quantar Arti-StorePublic
Primus Point  
 Pilot´s InSquad
 DefluxC Repair RearmPublic
 Steel-Vipers RattlesnakeSquad
Purian Lake  
 Defluxing Centre PLSquad
 Roidmania Station *MMI*Private
Quanaus Crossing  
 Imorg's JumpgatePrivate
 Turic's StationPrivate
Quantar - Core Station  
 Babyborn's ARTE-HOUSEPublic
 DSRG-r-QC's StationPublic
 Gravediggaz IncPublic
 Green Hide-OutPublic
 Independence HangarSquad
 Octs SuckPrivate
 QC Ore SiloPublic
Quantar - Corridor Station  
 DSRG-r-Qco's StationPublic
 GdI Umwandlungs KontorSquad
Quantar - TriPoint Station  
 DSRG-r-QT's StationPublic
 Fernando's HideawayPublic
Quantar Gate  
 Quantar Mining Corp.Public
 SpaceTruckerz HQPrivate
Quantar Hook  
 Boelling's StationPublic
 House of RibsPublic
Quantar Storage Depot  
 Burgalr's CHEAP!!Public
 Koops Inc. SEQDPublic
 MadCat Mining Inc. HQPublic
Ring View  
 BUY MORE ArtysPublic
 Babylon 5Public
 Monkey Business *MMI*Private
 Outpost NEW BURGLARSPublic
 SpaceTruckerz HQSquad
Rounds of Quantos  
 Another Round - PRIPublic
Sark's Passage  
 Lost Ones Extraction...Private
Saron's Eye  
 Black Hole SunPublic
Saron's Shoulder  
 Black PearlPublic
Solrain - Core Station  
 DSRG-r-SC's StationPublic
 Freeport SCSquad
 Independence HangarSquad
 Jabba's PalacePublic
Solrain - Wake Station  
 Artys First - Checkout!Public
 DSRG-r-SW's StationPublic
 DwoK HeadquaterPrivate
 Miners TreffPublic
The Blasted Corner  
 Kerschtl Castle *MMI*Private
The Bronci Rift  
 Free for allPublic
The Connexion  
 Pyro TechnicsSquad
 Spyder's Web (>s artis)Public
The Dark  
 Lil' Pillars - REDPublic
 Periwinkle Station - BLUPublic
 TRI DF Sponsored - GRNPublic
The Dark Crossroads  
 DX Defence Outpost R/R/RPublic
The Dark Path  
 Pertia's Opera HousePrivate
The Dark Trail  
 Fc Quantar DepoPrivate
The Fields  
 GdI Kontor MarketenderPublic
The Greater Locks  
 =Fucking Device=Private
 Deep Space 9 1/2 weeksPublic
 Magic CornerPublic
 STMG Dragon's RoostSquad
 bemil's StationPublic
The Gurge  
 -B-N-'s Hot TubPublic
 Octa Angels HQSquad
The Gyre  
 BASIC GyreSquad
The Lesser Locks  
 The place to bePrivate
The Light Crossroads  
 koops inc. lightxroadsPublic
The Main Gate  
 -=MACK=- OutpostSquad
 Cheyenne Mtn ComplexPublic
 Dead Shadow's IsletPublic
 Flux Harvesters DepotPublic
 GdI - Kontor - FreeportPublic
 Space Truckerz NODSquad
 Space Workers HOMESquad
 The Cutting Edge: FG|MGSquad
The Narrow Canal  
 Arty's PCE3/5 PCS1/3Public
 Flux Harvesters HQPublic
 Stamp's Rusty RoadhousePrivate
The Outer Edge  
 Magogh's StationPublic
The Outer Lighthouse  
 Miners ParadisePublic
The Reaches  
The Rear Gate  
 EL7 Deadly TradeSquad
The Sea of Solrain  
 KQ7 Deadly TradeSquad
The Split  
 Andwari's Dwarfland *MMISquad
 FieMax's Outpost *MMI*Private
 Lea-loo's LandingSquad
 T&T AHQSquad
The Stith  
 -==The Dragon's Lair==-Private
 Brexit r/r/rPublic
Third Gate  
 DS7 Deadly TradeSquad
Tictac's Hook  
 Iron and stuff at costPublic
Tranquillus Minor  
 Flying CircusPublic
 Freeport IPrivate
Upper Third  
 GdI - The DigPublic
 The Rusty DSSPrivate
 sidge20's StationSquad
Verselus' Hook  
 GdI - Kontor - BaroPublic
 -=DSRG=- HeadquartersPublic
 Chocolate FactoryPublic
 Humptown IPrivate
 Octavian BasePrivate
Wanderer's Pond  
 Sons of Storm Arte HousePublic
 Squidding Lounge E.R.I.Public
Zealots Refuge  
 --==Rail City==--Public
 SpaceTruckerz HQSquad