Jumpgate Python source code

You could create your own local copy of my web site like this, but it is unfortunately broken due to changes during 2018, when neutral station spawning changed:

  1. Install Python 2.6 (I use 2.6.6, it might work with 2.7, but not with 3.0 or later!),
  2. Download and unpack it where you want your scripts
  3. Some Python scripts will be unpacked:
  4. Run "" once to create needed files and directories
  5. Run "" at least once every five minutes, I run it every minute. It downloads the market data from the server if it has changed since the previous donwload, and will create a large number of static HTML pages, that link between each other, in ../jumpgate/stations,
Note that no web server is needed, only Python 2.6, you can just open the files in jumpgate/stations and follow the links using your favourite web browser. A web server is only needed to share the files with others.

You can now modify in any way you like.